Post Script is a page for you on the internet.


There’s not that much more to it, but since you’re already here, we’ll tell you a bit more about why we’ve made it and what we hope to do in the future.

We decided to make P.S. because we were tired of updating our old personal sites by hand (code was unmaintainable), and the other options were just too much for what we needed. Too expensive, too complicated, too many features, too slow.

We’re building it with a few basic principles in mind: design, simplicity, and performance.

To give you a quick taste of what it’s like… just take a look at this page. We’ve gone ahead and made it editable, just like what you would see if you were signed in, so feel free to play around and get a feel for it.

Your profile will go a bit further though—you can customize the theme with your preferred colours and fonts, and add links to your aliases around the web. Paid accounts will be able to use their own domain name, and a few other perks.

We hope you’ll consider making your next personal site with us.