I’m Ben Sehl. A mid-thirties guy living and working in Toronto with my wife, Mackenzie; baby boy Emmett; and dog, Dash.

An advocate of lifelong learning, I studied semiotics and fine arts in school, then learned from the team at Bruce Mau Design about graphic design, brand architecture, systems thinking, and how to make a polished presentation. I’ve since taken crash courses in data science and web development, but mostly I learn on my own by reading and tinkering.

Through my career, I’ve been a designer (of graphics, experiences, products & services), a web developer, software developer (just hacks mostly), a growth marketer, a brand strategist and an analytics engineer, as well as a team leader and founder*. Through school, I worked in manufacturing, customer support, and retail sales (not to mention landscaping, DJing, security monitoring, and ski coaching.)

Now I make a living by using my broad experience, centred around consumer interfaces, to develop a perspective on how to be impactful and align teams on shared goals within that world.

Most people outside of friends and family know me for co-founding Kotn—an apparel and home goods company. Recently, I also began working on side-projects under the alias Incremental Studio. I also help a few consumer brands that I really believe in, by advising on digital product and marketing, and by connecting them with great people.

*Mileage across competencies may vary.